Residential Rental

To keep the property idle is not at all asset for you. You should rent out the property so that the same can be maintained . Also you get some return on your property. Look for the good licensee rather than looking for higher Rents.

Residential Sale / Purchase

If your property is not fetching Rent it is better to sell the property and invest in some other ways or means or in some else property. If you are staying on rent and paying rent you can buy a property and pay instalments instead of paying rent . By this you can have your own asset build.

Commercial Rental

You are a corporate you need to start your another branch or office to start with it is best to take a office on lease .

Commercial Sale / Purchase

If you are a investor or a construction company looking to sell the offices and showrooms we can help you out for the same.
If you are well established with your brand and want to shift form rent to your own prAreases we can help you in getting better location for the same.


Each and every individual has it own reason or purpose for taking land .It can be either taking land for investement purpose. It can be taking land for building a out city home for weekend.


If you wish, you can also go in for a well-defined Plot, with well-planned infrastructure. And this small piece of land, is yours to do whatever you wish : Build a bungalow / farmhouse, set up a manufacturing plant / corporate office, design a shopping-mall / multiplex… Or simply buy it as an investment, and sell it when the prices go through the roof!


We are well versed with the documentation part as we keep our self updated the law and rules. Hence you can always rely on us on this important aspect.


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